The horoscope for 2019 unfold

Astro Specialists from Yearly-Horoscope.Org made a horoscope 2019 for each zodiac sign , presenting the main events that will take place for natives.


There is a very good year for studying and long trips. Your mind will be very preoccupied with the mysteries of life. You will be almost the most wise natives of the zodiac.

In the first part of the year, you are making new knowledge that will be of use to you at some point. Make friends, people you come into contact with during this time helping you in the future.

February and March 2019 are dynamic and efficient months. Of course not everything happens without effort. For many of you, the efforts and responsibilities relate to routine studies and journeys (shuttle, delegates, etc.)

Professionally, the road to affirmation is free and ambition takes you up, slowly and surely. Do not make big leaps at the moment, but you are not even hindered. You will have to keep your back, for there may be determined and tenacious enemies who try to “work” you in secret. Fortunately, they can not do you much harm.

Since autumn, professional success is even easier with growing optimism and the emergence of new interests and new knowledge among interesting people with views as broad and bold as yours.

On the sentimental plane, you tend to become very selective and “purge” among your knowledge, keeping only those that seem really valuable to you. Even in the couple you are not too willing to concessions and you have quite a lot of requirements from your partner. Those who are alone do not want to bind unless they meet someone seriously, trustworthy. Many Aries will feel the need for loneliness.

With regard to health, there are a few problems you can face: obesity, liver disease, cholesterol, and excesses. Aberdeen predisposed will need to take action.


The Year 2019 is great for starting important actions, including starting, continuing or resuming studies. Age does not matter, as long as studies can bring you benefits. Months of maximum initiative and efficiency are August and September.

The first part of the year is a time when many dreams can catch up. Make new plans, even greater hopes are born in your soul and look with great confidence for the future.

You feel free in everything you do, have no limits or restrictions, and manifest yourself at your own will, independent and confident in your own actions. Receive advice from competent counseling counselors: legal, financial advisors, teachers, who will provide you with some guidance for the continuity of some projects.

Financially, 2019 is a generous year. You certainly do not stick with your empty pocket. If you know that you deserve, you can even ask for a scholarship or salary increase, because you have a great chance of getting paid. March would be a good month, but not the only one.

In September, it seems to be a favorable moment for radical change at the professional level: change of workplace, advancement on another hierarchical stage, expansion of the clientele. You will be well aware of the people you are good to get closer to being supported. You will bind very strong friends, especially with men and older people.

Chances of marriage, for lonely ones, grow big. For those already married, it is a good time to harmonize couple energies, any prior problems – conflicts, imbalances – making consensus easier.

Your health is at its highest, and any previous problem can be overcome successfully. Improve your diet by trying a new regimen that can benefit beneficial.


Astrologers say that this year you will try what you were afraid to try for a long time: to make changes on all plans that do not bring you satisfaction, not to wait for others to make decisions for you and to struggle to make life exactly what you want.

You will also be subjected to some attempts. It is not necessary to discourage you, because, after all, life is a continuous struggle. After the first six months of this year, things will relax to some extent.

With regard to money, your situation is somewhat confusing: some secondary resources may be interrupted or diminished, difficulties in sharing (sharing, succession) that do not benefit you may occur; then some financial obligations become burdensome, draining your budget (rates, rents, taxes, etc.); in addition, you tend to spend more than the bag allows.

In July it is possible to try your luck on other places. You are very attracted to foreigners and, from the second part of the year, you can take courage to do so.

Major career changes may occur, such as a re-training, a specialization course, another direction, another profession, another function. Put other bases of your socio-professional evolution. You enjoy the advice or help of a superior.

October opens a good time for associations of any kind. You no longer want to be alone and meet other people with more interest.

Pay more attention to your physical appearance, invest more in what your public image is shaping. The year describes a good stage in your life, look at everything with confidence and optimism. There are several months of sentimental success. You have a person who can respond positively to your love.

Health, especially from the end of March to the beginning of September, will be as good as possible. Your very good condition will also contribute to making you a lot of sporting pleasure.


At the beginning of this year, you are more communicative, more open, more jovial, talk and write with great aplomb, maintain harmonious relations with the world.

You are a pleasant presence in your closest entourage, managing to influence others positively. Your chance lies in communication, so you have to find a way to communicate to the world what you have to say.

March will bring more self-confidence, but you tend to work too much and there is a danger of exhausting you. Starting this month, you will be very busy at work, with the most energy consuming it there. Unfortunately, you will not be able to say yet as your efforts go, and you will be disappointed; you have the impression that you are pedaling empty.

Your life will be heavily influenced by the fianancial sector. Revenue increases are predictable, but you should not rely on earnings from the sky because you will work for every penny.

Since the end of September, the Rats have become more and more important, their workforce has grown, and there has begun to see a significant success on the professional level. October brings important events to this effect.

For some, it is an ideal moment to study, they are given the chance to learn something new and attractive, for others it is an ideal moment to become parents, feeling more than ever the need to have children to care for and love which you are capable of.

From a sentimental point of view, you prefer freedom, but you will know how to take responsibility in a relationship. You have a very big and very romantic heart, so do not worry that you will not have wonderful stories at the end of this year. Anyway, become somewhat more stable.

Health can play your toes, especially in the first half of the year. Surgery is possible.


You have already learned, from the year that has just passed, that you can not live alone on this planet while trying all the specific human joys.

Even the fact that love does not just go through the stomach is no longer a misunderstanding for you. It took you some time to understand.

The year starts with serious financial problems, which will make it more pessimistic. It is not, however, the case that you become so locked up, because after January 25th, they slowly start slowly, in the direction already planned last year.

As far as work is concerned, although nothing is simple and there are plenty of difficulties, until October, there is a good chance that at least a real success will occur. Businesses thrive because of successful associations or collaborations, so you have to accept the relationship with others.

A plan that seemed blocked without going out in previous years may now experience a fantastic recovery and a return to normal. Some things that seem to have been lost can now return to the forefront of your attention with great chances of positive evolution.

Become a popular person, with many friends, but it may be that entourage sometimes sneaks and “parasites” to take advantage of your goodwill. More joking and more sympathetic, you are attracted more now by parties, fun, celebrations, enjoying pleasant companies.

Your sentimental life will be full of adventures. Women can have links with men from abroad. Family life will flourish, especially since July. During this time you can host people from abroad. The single-lion lions will miss a house full of children.

Finally, the most important warning: health must never be neglected in 2019. Even if you feel fit, you should still have general control.


Natives succeed in 2019 almost everything they have in mind, especially on the really important issues. It is a special year that brings new ideals, new friends, more daring future projects. It’s a good year for the soul (except for September, which can bring disappointment to couple relationships) because it can be happy, such as a love story, the appearance of a desired pregnancy or the birth of a child in the family.

It is a period of true glow for you, radiate energy and warmth. You will show your personality firmly and you can easily notice it, going out more than ever in the limelight.

Professionally, 2019 is one of those years in which things stabilize and go almost on the right path. It is the natural result of the successes of the past. And there is still room for the fulfillment of the hopes, especially since the Virgins enjoy the sympathy and support of influential characters.

In May and June, tangles may occur. During these times, Virgins are advised to refrain from borrowing and investing and be vigilant in relation to their partner’s income.

For all Virgins, regardless of date of birth, it is a year that offers opportunities for professional progress, advancement and improvement of status.

Relatively, April, May and June can be delicate for the partner or for the couple themselves. And if there is a new love at that time, you do not have to be excited about it because there is no chance of it lasting. Those who intend to marry would do well not to fix their wedding at this time. Advice is also valid for any other contract or alliance.

Even if you have a strong body this year, be careful! The physical energy you have is considerable and can cause an increased interest in sports.


Year 2019 is Balance a strategic year, important decisions and professional or social stabilization, a year of foundation. With a condition: to have a lot of patience and tenacity, because nothing is getting too simple.

This year, the natives of this zodiac can expect anything. It can be the most revolutionary period of life, with sudden and unpredictable events, with out-of-the-box situations, with radical changes. Whether they realize it or not, they are actually looking for freedom, the new and the original.

The banal and stereotypical work will excite them, so they have to focus on the preoccupations that require their creativity, originality and ingenuity, or to a job where they have the most freedom of movement.

Professionally, Libraries have great skill in the fall to turn the situation back to their favor. I catch the good times and exploit them with skill and wisdom. They are doing their projects and looking more boldly towards the future.

At the financial level, you should not expect spectacular enrichments.

In the first part of the year, you are able to understand more about others, you know exactly what you want from them and yourselves, no longer waving in any direction and they can all rely on you. You support the couple with the smile on your lips, even if you rarely experience tensions due in particular to the cold that your partner proves, or because of the distance from which you have to support your love. Older relationships will resist this test, the most recent one may have somehow suffered, but it’s all up to you and him / her, the stars do not have much to say at this time about the future of these couples.

Health problems may have great problems for natives sensitive to temperature changes. Chills will be frequent.


Try to demonstrate as much as you are capable of working professionally, you will almost completely neglect your family life. Does not mean that it is in danger of unraveling, just like the common cold caused by worry, stress and fatigue will set in this plan while inlungata. But do not run away from social relationships to help you prosper, advance and travel a lot. You will have to be very masterful of yourself, keep in touch with your collaborators, be very systematized and rigorous.

You do not miss too much material. It is true that you would like to have more dumb money, you can afford more, but you have more than others, and that you should thank.

The most disappointing this year is that the website you appreciate more in words, praise and give as an example, but first, promotion and official recognition be seen. But do well with these psychic tests designed to test your patience and tenacity.

A hot spot of the year is the couple. There is a need to transform, rethink the relationship or how to report to the partner. Scorpions available spiritually can live a new passion, become acquainted with unpredictable aspects of their sexuality.

In the case of Scorpions who have a stable partner, it is possible that it passes through difficult moments. Finally, for those who struggle in a problematic relationship, 2019 opens the way to liberating separation.

Health may have somehow suffered because of the mental and intellectual fatigue you are subjected to. A proper diet, exercising moderately and vitamins and minerals would support but tone and strength to move forward unhindered.


Sensible and a little too stubborn, this year, you must point your finger to those who have hurt you in the past. You have completely forgiven them in your heart, but you really need to remember forever what has happened to you, hoping you will know how to keep yourselves in the future.

The family will be the center of the universe of many of you, even if the rhythm of work that you have self-imbibed will seize much of your time spent in the family’s breast.

The first part of the year favors achievements gained through earnestness and work. The second part of the year is richer in surprises, in unexpected occurrences, in the opportunities that are neglected, on occasions that will impress you to adopt new ways of action, more modern or more original.

Throughout the year, certain planets will greatly influence your life. I can bring an event of destiny through which your life gets another color. Then you will know another facet of your own personality, perhaps in other living conditions, where your energy becomes the maximum, the desire to live the same and suddenly discover that one side of your personality has not been used enough. It will be the moment of revealing another identity, practically after those months, discovering that you have become another.

One of the main lessons you have to learn is the dominance of aggression and possessiveness in your relationship with your loved one. You will have to learn what the constant and depth of your feelings are and you will have to dominate your particularly strong sexual instincts. Sports activity will do you a great deal, because it will consume you excess energy.

Health would all be good and beautiful if you could find time to consult doctors when problems are just starting out, not just when it gets worse.


Overall, this year will be good. You are not afraid of work, as long as you know you will have the right gains and you will be guided by friends with very influential people.

You will start a new beginning on all levels. You want your life to follow the course you have always wanted and forbid God to try to oppose you!

Study a lot, read a lot, you are attracted to the abstract side of life, freeing yourself from the daily. Enter into another world where you accumulate a lot of new information useful to your intellectual and spiritual evolution.

Professionally, intuition, sense of responsibility, aspiration to progress, power of imagination, and native stubbornness give you new opportunities for advancement. Like last year, it’s important to rely on your own strengths, even if it is not absolutely necessary to work for yourself. The money arrives slowly but surely and you will certainly save enough.

The money comes and goes, but you remain enough to start making savings that you can later rely on at the end of the year. You will also be able to help some buddies who are not expecting such a gesture from you. The important thing is that you manage to make new friends, but not some “buy”, but some who will really be grateful and close to you for a long time.

Unsatisfied with the happy you will feel within the couple and you should tell this to the life partner who starts to have some doubts about your feelings. There are, however, people outside the couple who have been trying for a long time to break your relationship. It is important to be able to get past the trapped traps of bad guys.

In terms of health, keep blood pressure under control, avoid prolonged stress and excessive intellectual fatigue!

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