Yearly Chinese horoscope 2019

The Chinese year 2019, which will begin on February 05, 2019 and end on January 24, 2020, will be under the sign of the earth pig and the image of the past year, 2019, it will also reserve its share of surprises, unexpected and unforeseen, and events as surprising as incredible.

Indeed, our friend the pig is a comic, a player, a troublemaker who likes to have fun and make us …. Goat!

We will have to expect everything and not be deceived by a rather anarchic general climate. Nothing will happen as expected, confusion will reign in all areas but if it is better to take this year of the pig, over-excited, as fun, at least we do not risk getting bored!

Indeed, this year 2019 will be under the sign of the pig and just like him it will be favorable to innovative and new ideas, innovative and progressive projects and progress. For the wisest of us and the most organized, this wind of mischief will come to confuse and upset the established order; reflection will not necessarily be the best counselor and it will be better to indulge in spontaneity than anything else; without, however, taking undecided risks. The goal of the 2019 pig Year Game will be to measure, to find the right balance between head shot, unforeseen and more reasonable aspect. However, it will be important to keep in mind that planning everything can sometimes be impossible; Rather, go to the end of your ideas, as crazy as they are especially in everything related to creativity, art, music, everything related to the manual, but also for finance and banking.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 sign by sign

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Rat sign

Your year 2019 rat, will be under the sign of luck and opportunities, and this in all areas. You will be yourself in excellent shape and you will be overflowing with confidence; It must be said that you will feel particularly protected and all that you undertake will succeed during this year of the 2019 rat pig.

You just have to make sure you do not get scattered, you will have the impression of being able to move mountains, which will lead you to multiply the projects, the objectives and you then risk not leading any one with too much want to do at the same time time.

Give yourself time to reflect on the first quarter of your year of the 2019 pig rat and mark your path, this will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be offered to you throughout the year, to look at the progress made and to rectify objectives that may have been less well prepared last year.

Love climate of your year of the pig 2019 sign of the rat

Your year of the pig 2019 Rat will start well, you will surprise and charm your other half to revive the flame and passion in your relationship; however, you will sometimes tend to ask too much of each other, especially during the first three months of your year of the 2019 rat pig and to show you as demanding, it will pass or it will break. Indeed, Spring 2019 Rat will be hectic, and the fact that you are scattered will be for many; on one side you always want more of your half and on the other you will not give anything back! In order to ease tensions, you will need to work on your demonstrative side, especially on the months of September and October 2019 Rat; spend more time with your partner and bring the dialogue back to the front of the stage. The stars will be favorable throughout your year of the 2019 rat pig, take the opportunity to formalize your relationship on the fall, start a family or any other major marital commitment.

The last months of the year will be nice and calm, especially if you have agreed to make some small efforts rat, and for once you will leave your shell to reveal more; your sensuality and your imagination will push you to reinvent your couple and for that all means will be good; You will spend a lot of time at the end of this year of the 2019 rat pig, in love, and you will take advantage of it to develop long-term plans for the future, as if to seal the solidity of your relationship.

This year of the 2019 rat pig will start on the run, you will charm and will flutter according to your moods. You will be in a word insatiable rat and it must be said that your success will reassure you about yourself, your ego inflated to block, you will try to prove again and again your power of seduction. From the spring of the year of the 2019 rat pig, you will know a real crush, which will lead you to want to engage quickly, too fast even since you will then have trouble respecting the rhythm of the other. Be careful not to ruin everything by wanting to burn Rat steps!

Your summer 2019 Rat will be promising but slightly less full and it must be said that you will be more demanding, more selective; you will not go headlong into the meetings but you will take the time to seek THE person who will understand you and bewitch you. And your efforts should be rewarded, indeed, between the end of the summer and the re-entry this year of the 2019 rat pig, you will make a decisive meeting.

The last quarter will be nice, if you have not quite found your shoe, the opportunities will be many again and your sociability will allow you to go deep into the qualities more than to remain in the superficial.

Professional climate of your year of the pig 2019 sign of the rat
In your work, this year of the 2019 Rat pig will be excellent, the end of the winter will allow you to consolidate your position, your place and to prepare a turning point in your career; indeed rat you will take advantage of the influx of 2019 to evolve, or even for the more adventurous to change professional path.

You will want to see the color of the grass next door and your motivation will push you to put the odds on your side. This year’s spring of the 2019 Rat pig will be hectic, your work will be at the center of your concerns and you will finally see the fruits of your efforts fall; those looking for a job will have their efforts rewarded.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Sign of the Ox

General climate of your year of the pig 2019 sign of the Ox
Your year of the 2019 Buffalo pig looks very nice, you are about to make a turn in your life and your way of thinking about the future, to think and it will make you more attentive to the present and its benefits. Rather than running after the buffalo happiness, you will enjoy the moment, savor it and you will be able to enjoy it without worrying yourself or trying to anticipate further.

You will be well supported throughout this year of the 2019 Buffalo pig by the stars and this will increase some of your qualities, such as planning, willingness, determination and the strength to go after things. Indeed if you are generally known for your diligence in things that are important to you, you will redouble your ambition during this year 2019 Buffalo and you will know how to play doors that will offer you to evolve in all areas.

Love climate of your year of the pig 2019 sign of the Ox


This year of the 2019 Buffalo pig will start slowly and it will not be time to rest on your laurels or let the routine settle. Your partner and you will both need to wake up your daily routine and you will spare no effort to spice up your relationship during the late winter 2019 buffalo. Your energetic energy will bring you to multiply the activities, the outings and all will be good pretext to leave your home to benefit that it is with two or between friends.

The spring of your year of the 2019 Buffalo pig will be pleasant and you will coo quietly in your cocoon; away from social turmoil, this will be the perfect time for you to spend time in love and find yourself in peace. The period will also be excellent for all reinforcement projects, such as a pregnancy, a wedding (or pacs) or even a property purchase for two.

Moreover, this climate of consolidation and foundation of your relationship will continue in the second half of the year. The atmosphere will be sensual, tender and harmonious, and you will take the opportunity to make plans for the future. The communication will be excellent both during the autumn and at the end of the year of the 2019 Buffalo pig and if sometimes the exchanges are a little more virulent, you will always find the word or the gesture to lower the tension and find compromises . It is in the dialogue that you tighten your bonds, you will also enjoy warm evenings to deepen the knowledge of the other, dive into his past and better understand his personality. As you know, love is an eternal questioning buffalo and you will pass the bar without staying on your learning but to reinvent you.

Chinese Horoscope 2019 Tiger

General climate of your year of the pig 2019 tiger sign
Your year of the pig 2019 Tiger looks very good, you will show a positivism overflowing and you will feel able to move mountains. This largely utopian vision will drive you to want everything, too much and scatter you; on the one hand you will be too demanding and you will lose the sense of the possible; On the other hand on this year’s 2019 Tiger pig, you will start a thousand projects to finish none.

While you can count on your imagination and creativity to swarm ideas all more brilliant than each other, but be careful not to go in all directions to ultimately do nothing.

This will be your biggest challenge, refocusing and focusing on fewer things but going after your goals. Also keep a pragmatic tiger spirit, some ideas are certainly excellent but unrealistic, do not get into wacky adventures at the risk of falling down and spending your energy for chimeras!

Love climate of your year of the pig 2019 sign of the tiger

Your year of the pig 2019 Tiger will begin under a very harmonious sky, you will be able to show you in your best light and go to the reconquest of the other with happiness; you will redouble efforts, attention, surprise projects like a getaway, a trip or an unexpected weekend.

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